– some little tips on learning back carries

Yes baby jeans are OMG IM DYING ADBORBS! but they have zero give which makes getting that nice “M” position and a deep seat hard esp if you’re a new back wrapper.

Tip 2: Feetie PJs one size too big
If you feel your child needs to wear feetie PJs only wrap in ones with PLENTY of feet room! When making the seat in a wrap job it takes some of the material in the pants and it can squish their toes or cause issues with you being able to get a good seat because the fabric is too taunt on the PJs. If you aren’t addicted to feeties skip them and opt for leggings and socks 😉

Tip 3: Just do it naked!
Learning to back wrap has a serious learning curve by itself if at all possible when learning do it at home and with minimal clothing in the way (for both you and your baby). For more info on this go to thebabywearer.com and look for the naked double hammock thread 😉

Tip 4: Both rails matter!
When making your seat I know we all always focus on that top rail being snug! But the bottom rail being loose is just as important so that it’s free to have the width to get it nice and deep seat. (Pictures to come on this).

Tip 5: Start simple
Focus on getting comfortable before you start trying to do the world’s most complex 20 step carries. If you’re terrified of how you’re going to get your baby on and off your back? Just do that! When I first started back wrapping I practiced that first. Explore all your “getting baby back there” options and try them out and see what works for you! Get comfortable.

Tip 6: Distraction!
If your baby is a little bigger and frustrated with how long you’re taking to learn your new skill give them something MAGICAL! something they aren’t usually supposed to play with 😉 suggestions your phone, the TV remote, and maybe even bribing with food (this is much cleaner if you’re following tip 3).

Tip 7: Mirror mirror
This will differ with people but some people really are helped by being in front of a mirror when wrapping so they can see what they are doing. Other people may find this more difficult and prefer to feel what they are doing instead.

If you have a spotter ask them not to touch the wrap unless you know you’re about to drop the baby (have a code word lol).

Here is a video for a visual aid (sorry for the sake of your eyes I am clothed 😉 ):