While woven wrap sizing is fairly standard, some variations do occur from manufacturer to manufacturer, resulting from use and care, and depending on taper length and grade.

Selecting the size carrier appropriate for you depends on factors including your size, your baby’s size, skill level, and what type of carries you want to do. In general; however, sizing is as follows (shortie/base): petite – 2/5, average 2/6, and plus-sized 3/7. Based on the aforementioned factors, variability can occur. For example, a highly experienced babywearer with a smaller baby might use a 5 for their base while a beginning wraper might use a 6 for the same carries.

size 2 2.7 meters/8.86 feet/102.36 inches

size 3 3.1 meters/10.17 feet/122.05 inches

size 4 3.6 meters/11.81 feet/141.73 inches

size 5 4.2 meters/13.78 feet/165 inches

size 6 4.6 meters/15.09 feet/181.10 inches

size 7 5.2 meters/17.06 feet/204.72 inches

size 8 5.60 meters/18.37 feet/220.47 inches

You can find how to measure/weigh wraps here: http://wovenwrapsdatabase.com/weight.php

Basic guidelines for wrap thickness (not any type of official thing set up by any company or big wrap overseer, but just kind of how wraps feel when wrapped according to their weight in g/m^2)

up to 180 g/m 2 – very thin

180-220 g/m2 – thin

220-260 g/m2 – medium

260-300 g/m2 – thick

300 g/m2 and up – very thick