The Awesome

Why woven wraps?
There are so many choices for how to wear your child and what is important is to find what works for you and your family and keeps your child close and safe. So why would you choose woven wraps?

  • Wraps can be easily used between wearers without readjustment.
    Wraps don’t have sizes on the body, waist, or “straps” that need adjusting for the wearer or the child being worn. The same carrier that a petite mama can use with her 5lb newborn can also be worn by her tall plus sized husband wearing their preschooler.
  • Can be used in various positions and carries.
    One of the most intimidating things about woven wraps is also one of its biggest assets. There is basically no limit to the variety of carries, tie-offs, and finishes that can be accomplished with these pieces of cloth.
  • Beyond babywearing.
    Wraps make incredible blankets, hammocks, high chair substitutes, booger wipers, spill and spit up cleaners, and an emergency wardrobe.
  • Woven wraps don’t have limits!
    While some wraps may be more suitable and supportive for a larger child, a woven wrap can be used from birth until your wearing days are over! there’s no need to upside to a “toddler” or “preschool” version as with soft structured carriers.

Now what?
So you’ve decided you want jump into the world of woven wraps… Now what? All the brands… All the sizes… All the fibers! It can be very overwhelming at first!

When you are looking to purchase your first woven if you can get to a meet up and feel them, try them on, and see what you like up close. If that is not possible find something you love! (and then ask if it would make a good first wrap). If you have something you love you are more likely to make it work and put all your effort into it!

As a general guideline here are a few wrap brands/kinds that are pretty standard weaves and wrapping qualities across their colorways:




BBSlen offer extra width that can be very helpful as you move into wrapping a toddler, preschooler, or child. This width can also have a bit of a learning curve for a new wrapper but has great longevity. They are on the thin side of medium for thickness and offer a fairly airy wrap job making them perfect wraps for summer and warm weather. They have a sturdy weave and are not prone to pulls or snags. These wraps are only offered in stripes and solids but also have some very vibrant colors to offer. The prices new are $69 (for a 2.6 meters) and then $120-$140 (for sizes 4.6, 4.9, and 5.6 meters). These wraps can usually be found for good deals used.

Didymos Stripes:

Didymos Stripes

“In general, Didy stripes are on the thin-med side (I think I’ve measured most around 220-230 g/m^2), don’t have a ton of vertical or horizontal stretch, but some diagonal stretch….just enough to be super supportive, but not saggy. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a pull on a single stripes I’ve ever owned, so they are true workhorses. Even new, they are pretty soft right out of the box and when fully broken in, are extremely moldable and amazingly soft and floppy.” – Leslie Westenhaver aka the Didymos Stripes Expert
The prices new run $86-$130 for the “Standard Stripes” and $105-$166 for the “Colorful Stripes” and these wraps you can usually find a really good deal on




Dolcino wraps are on the lower end of medium weight wraps. They wrap very similar to BBSlen but slightly thinner. These wraps are easy to come by and are even offered at local stores to purchase in person. These wraps come in stripes and solids for design but offer contrasting rails colors that are really helpful for new wrappers. New these wraps run $125-$140. Used you can find these wraps for fairly affordable prices.


EasyCare (aka Easy For You):


EasyCare wraps are double twill weave which makes a flat, smooth feeling to the wrap while still being supportive. They are on the thinner side while still offering support for larger babies/children. They are only available on variations of stripes patterns. Prices new range from $110-$155 depending on size and sales. Used EasyCare prices run differently depending on the colorway and popularity.




Ellaroo wraps are on the extreme side of thin and are 100% handwoven. The thinness of the wrap makes them really great for warm weather and makes them easy to work with when learning to wrap. They are more difficult with larger babies/children and can become “diggy”. These are only available in solid colors or stripes. Prices range new from $115-$125 depending on size and sales. Used Ellaroos usually go for really good prices especially if you are looking for your first wrap.


Girasol Diamond weave:


Girasol wraps are handwoven in the mountains of Guatemala using the traditional weaving method of the Mayan Indians, because of the method of weaving they will general have some weaving irregularities referred to as “slubs and nubs”. The diamond weave of these wraps makes them have diagonal stretch to them making them really moldable and soft for new wrappers. The weave also does provide the wrap with a bit of “grip” which can have a learning curve to wrap with but holds a carry in place nicely. These are only available in solid colors or stripes. These wraps new run from $95-$165 depending on size (but as a special note Girasol does not produce size 3’s). Used prices of diamond weave girasols can range from from affordable to hundreds of dollars depending on the popularity and demand of the colorway.


Kokadi Cotton:


Kokadi cotton wraps are soft and snuggly right out of the package. They are a medium weight wrap that wraps more like a thin wrap. They have a good amount of diagonal stretch to them without it being cumbersome; making them very moldable in wraps and easy to get a snug carry in for new wrappers. Kokadi offers a variety of very colorful and unique designs. The prices new range from $150-$200 depending on size and popularity of the pattern. Used these vary greatly selling for retail or under to in the hundreds of dollars range depending on demand for the design.


Little Frog Cotton:


Little Frog cotton wraps are an inexpensive option in the woven wrap world but are really solid wraps and should not be looked over just because of their lower price point. They are not “soft right out of the package” and take a little “breaking in” (a few washes, some braiding, and wearing usually does the trick). Very supportive wraps but have very little give, also a flat weave making it easy to learn multi-pass carries. Currently these wraps are only available in striped patterns but there are a line of Little Frog jacquard weave wraps coming soon. These wraps run from $45-$85 plus shipping. You aren’t going to find a huge discount used because of the low retail price.


Storchenwiege Leo (aka Storch):



Leo’s are a diamond weave woven wrap that does take some effort to break in but you will not be disappointed when you do! Theses wraps offer amazing support, good stretch to the carry (this makes it easy to get a snug carry for a new wrapper), and fair amount of cush (easy on the shoulders). These are workhorse wraps and can take the abuse and beating that is having small children. These come in two toned diamond weave. Prices new range from $100-$140. Used these wraps are going to be selling for under retail.


Storchenwiege Stripes (aka Storch):

Storch Stripes

Support. Storchenwiege stripes offer amazing support without the cumbersome weight of a lot of wraps on the market right now. They are quite a effort to break in when purchased new so I would suggest buying used if possible. These are not prone to pulls or snags and have very little stretch to them (this can be a learning curve for new wrappers). If you want a wrap for a larger baby this is a great option. Stripes. Prices new range from $100-$140. Used these wraps are going to be selling for under retail.


*** The action shots of the brands are real North Dallas Wearing Mamas wearing their real babies in wraps they love. These do not represent all the options this brand has to offer as far as colors.***