So you’re going to a meetup for the first time. I understand, it can be daunting. You pull into the parking lot and there’s all those stickers.
Ohmigosh! They all know each other! How could they ever notice me? I BROUGHT MY STROLLER! They’re going to hate me!
It’s enough to make the most extroverted mom turn around and go home. But don’t. Come in and play for a while. I promise we don’t bite.
So how do you mom date?  Read on, my new mom friends.  Read on.

Bring a friend!  Making new friends is always just a little bit easier if you’ve brought an old friend to fall back on.  As they say, there’s strength in numbers, so grab a bonus mom and bring her along!

But first, lemme take a selfie!  We love a good selfie!  Take one of yourself, post it on the wall, and say “Hey, I’m coming to my first meeting today!” Someone is sure to see your pic and come introduce herself!


Come say hi!  No really.  I know that seems like pretty ridiculous advice, but it’s not always obvious that you’re coming to our meetup.  Especially if we’re meeting at a place where another group happens to also be playing.  Most of us are pretty good at saying hello and asking if you’re there for the group, but occasionally we miss someone.  It’s not intentional, but it happens.

Pet a wrap.  Seriously.  Find something you like and ask a mama “Hey, can I touch your wrap?”  I’ve never had anyone tell me no.  The conversation that usually follows is full of geekery about what brand / blend / wrapping qualities that particular textile has.  The next thing you know, you’ve made a new friend!


Ask for help.  I don’t think there’s a babywearing mom alive who doesn’t have a photo from when she first started wearing that she looks at and thinks “What on earth was I doing?  Good thing my kid survived that!” Just grab someone and say “I just can’t figure this thing out.  Can you help me?  We’d LOVE to!

Fall 2010 326

When in doubt, just smile and wave, Mama.  Just smile and wave.  You’ve got this.


Now, take a deep breath.  Turn off your car, and go make some new friends.