Join me for a quick walk through a Ruck TIF (tied in the front), this is a base -2 carry.

A Ruck TIF will take some practice and focus on making a great seat for baby, it can be your go-to carry!

Ruck TIF is not a nap time carry. I like to use a Ruck TIF for running in the store for eggs, as it may not be comfortable for long walks.
For bonus points and less digging on your shoulders, you can try sandwiching your ruck straps.

Start by attempting to catch a baby:


Grab an angry baby. Start with middle marker on their back, get baby on your back, however you prefer.


Grab the top rail (top seams of wrap) with your chin or teeth, while supporting baby’s bum.


Pull the wrap straight down with both hands.


Tuck the material up and straight, providing material from knee to knee on baby, knees higher than bum.


Gather wrap evenly on one shoulder, then tuck that tail between your knees.


Continue to gather the other ruck strap, strand by strand, but skip your bottom rail. I continue to support my baby under her bum.


Bring your ruck strap over baby’s leg, pinning the wrap.

Do the same on the other side, you will make the straps cross under baby’s bum.


Very gently bounce, to get comfortable while tugging the wrap.


Half knot, typically at the base of your ribs.


Always secure with square knot.