So you have a shorty (base-2) wrap but you want to wrap your baby in the front. Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum (FWCC TUB) is your friend!

FWCC TUB really shines for smaller babies, and this carry is great for warmer weather since you don’t have to use so much wrap! I’m using a Cloth of Kin handwoven in 3.4 m, which is a long 3/short 4.


Find your middle marker – this will go to the center of your chest. (My CoK doesn’t have one so I guessed 😉 keepin’ it real.)


Bring one side of the wrap underneath your arm and over your shoulder, being mindful of keeping the top rail on top. (Here, my top rail is pink and my bottom rail is yellow.)


Do the other side – bring the wrap underneath your arm and over your shoulder. Now you should have a wrap “pouch” in front of you and your tails should be over your shoulder.


Pick up your baby! Or, steal one 😉 isn’t this little guy a cutie?!?!


Put baby over your shoulder and insert legs into the pouch, like so.



Make a seat for baby, pulling the bottom rail up between legs and making sure to support baby knee to knee. Tighten the top rail by pulling up.


Keep tension in the top rail while tightening the other side. Smile! 😉


Once your top rails are tight, tighten your bottom rails. (Again, my bottom rail is yellow here.)


You’ll want to tighten strand by strand. This ensures even distribution of baby’s weight.


Once you’ve tightened strand by strand, pull both tails down. Hopefully yours are more even than mine! 😉 #reallifewrapping


Tie a half knot or whatever knot makes you feel more secure (double knot, etc.). I personally prefer a half knot and then bounce a little to make sure baby is sitting directly on the knot so that it remains secure.


That’s it! Front Wrap…


…Cross Carry TUB for the win!


Disclaimer: As with all activities, some inherent risks are present in babywearing. Until you are proficient, practice all carries with a spotter over a soft surface. All photos, videos, and articles are property of NDWM and its members unless otherwise indicated. Please feel free to link to but do not copy or repost without permission and proper credit.