Do you have a longer wrap yet want to do a hip carry without having tails for days?

The Coolest Hip Cross Carry and Reverse Coolest Hip Cross Carry are base -2 carries.

Start with the short tail on the shoulder opposite your wearing hip.


Bring the long tail around to the front and under your shoulder pass.

This forms a waist-belt.


Continue wrapping the tail around your back and bring it back around to the front.

Create an x at your hip by bringing the tail up toward your opposite shoulder.

If you have a leaner, you might find the Reverse Coolest Cross Carry more supportive.

The only difference between the CHCC and the RCHCC occurs during this pass.

Instead of bringing your tail around and over the waist-belt, bring the tail under your waist-belt.


Tie a slip-knot.


Now, it’s time to grab your baby.


Slip your baby into the x you created at your hip.

Start by feeding a leg into the inside pass.

Then, feed the other leg into the outside pass.

Pull your passes up to your baby’s shoulders.

Start with the inside pass. Make sure the pass spreads from knee to knee.

Then, the outside pass. Make sure the pass spreads from knee to knee.


Tighten your slip-knot.


The wrap should cap your shoulder and lay flat across your back.


Enjoy your snuggles…


watch out for beatings 😉