Baby Wearing Testers-17You’ve been wearing your baby since, well, he or she (gender pronouns will be used interchangeably from this point) was a baby. Now, he has decided that she is no longer a baby. He is a big kid. He has developed a mind of his own and his body is mostly capable of carrying out what he desires. He can walk and run and climb like the big kids and wants to do everything for himself by himself.


Days may pass without the need for a carrier. Your baby, nay toddler, may fight or run or hide at the mere sight of a carrier. But, heed my warning… the need for a carrier can and will strike at any moment, probably when you are least prepared. So, while toddler wearing may occur sporadically; it’s beneficial to be prepared, it is good for you, and it is good for your toddler.

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Your toddler had gotten quick on her feet, very quick. In fact, she can take off in an instant… towards the street, around the aisle, under the rack… A worn toddler is not a running toddler.

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Sure, it is super sweet to hold his tiny hand. But when your run into either of the above scenarios, holding hands means one of you is getting dragged along.

After all that running towards the street, around the aisle, under the rack… little legs just get tired. At the precise moment you want her to walk, she won’t be capable of another step or she will but her pace will rival that of a sloth.


Five minutes ago your toddler decided that he was a big kid but now that he is standing behind all the real big kids at the zoo, he needs a lift. Sure, you can pick him up, over and over and over and it is a great excuse for skipping the gym (nice guns) but I prefer working out with more compliant weights, don’t you?


At home, your toddler can play and make messes as well as any big kid. He can engage in play for an extended amount of time with nary a worry about what you are doing. He could care less! That is, he could care less until you try to do something. Oh, you planned on doing the dishes or making dinner since your darling was occupied in something other than you? Think again, now he needs to be held. He’s not quite ready to be a big kid after all.

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And let’s talk about being (pause for dramatic effect…dun dun dun) 2, and wanting ALL THE THINGS, and being horribly insulted by the word “no”. How dare Mom say no! She’s going to scream at the top of her lungs and fall to the floor and let you have it until… she forgets all about why she is SO upset. However, she will still be too upset for anyone to talk to her or even look at her and she will need a place to hide.


IMG_2700 while babywearing can help them navigate those tough moments that occur between being a baby and being a big kid. Although these moments occur fewer and farther between, having that closeness with you, having that respite when overwhelmed or tired, and having a bad day will help transition their journey that is growing up.



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Just because your baby is now a toddler, it doesn’t mean that your babywearing days are over. The comfort and security your child grew to know

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